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Our Story

Everyone who has lost a dog in the past, will testify that it was "the best dog ever" and it could never be replaced.

I strongly agree with you. We consider each dog a special family member.

Our story begins like this.  Many years ago, we had to make the difficult decision to put our nine year old family dog down. Some of you unfortunately know how difficult it is to make that decision . Whether it was your first dog or your child's first dog, it's very heartbreaking for the whole family.  Not to long after that, we started looking for a new dog to make our family whole again.  We had tried to adopt three different dogs from rescue organizations we found online.  We kept getting rejected and turned down.  We really didn't understand why.  The reasons that we were given when denied were, we didn't have a fenced in yard, we had a cat, and we had chickens.  Believe it or not, that was the answer we kept getting over and over.  The truth is, we live in the country, on a dirt road, with eight acres, a small pond, with a very long our driveway off the road and we were previous dog owners. There was no reason to deny us. Fast forward - We found a Labrador breeder close by us who we contacted about getting on their waiting list for an upcoming litter.  As it turned out, the breeder was looking for a family to foster a mama and her litter of puppies. We decided to say yes.  It was not nearly an easy as we had thought it would be.  Although, we were determined to prevail with this special request.  We immediately and fell in love with all the pups and adored the mom so much.  The whole family liked one particular little charcoal girl with the purple collar.  Her name was Bela.  We decided that she would be our "new family dog".  Seven years later, we are happy to say that we are now professional breeders raising all colors of quality health tested Labradors for your family.

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